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We're Here!
We're Queer!
Our Rainbow flag is flyin'

You hear
Our cheer
There ain't no denyin'

So listen up
As we cheer
And back way up!
All those that fear!

We have a cause
we're fighting for
Haters be damned
We're gonna soar!

Listen up as We cheer!
This is cause for celebration!
Our time, We know, is near!
Our kind will grow throughout the nation!

So listen well to our words!
We will NOT be brushed aside!
You treat us wrong, so hear us right!
We're filled to the top with Gay Pride!!!
idk when my mind came up with this....

my friend's dad came up with a cheer for gays:
"We're here!
We're Queer!
We want it in the Rear!!"
I decided 'to hell with that', and so I edited it a bit and made it into this....pathetic excuse for a cheer....
Soopimation Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2008  Hobbyist Artist
Lol. Awesome.

Myself, I am not gay. Though unlike most straight people, I do not fear, and or dislike in any way gays/gay cultre. I think this is... good. Lol

Go you ga-guys. ^.^ The only line that was a bit shakey was the bretheren-childeren rhyme.
Yaoiguy16 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2008
Yeah ^-^j that part was a bit pathetic.

lol!! XD I'm picturing Gay male and female cheerleaders in costrumes with rainbow pom poms!!
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